Get To Know Ben, Our Trailblazing Founder

We understand that credit card management can be a scary, uncomfortable or downright upsetting topic to tackle. However, it doesn't have that be that way says Ben Psillas, Debx's Founder. Ben and his team created Debx with control in mind. Understanding that awareness...

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How To Become An Auto-Pay Guru

There's no denying the convenience of credit card autopay. Whether you're at the beach on in the office, your bill is paid on time, every time, without missing a beat. While managing these payments is an important step to gaining control of your finances, there are...

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Your Credit Card Company Is Robbing You

Let's be honest, we don't always consider how we pay for things. Whether it’s buying dinner or filling up our gas tank, what comes out of our wallet first is usually just a matter of what's on top. Right? In reality, there’s more at play than just point of sale...

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